Watercolour artist Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold

Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold was born in Harstad in 1965, but is now living in Tromsø. She is a trained pediatric nurse and educational adviser. In 1990, she started painting watercolours. In recent years she has painted full time. Today she has her studio at Smørtorget in the city centre of Tromsø , where she is also one of the founders.  

An ambassador for the arctic light

Since her first separate exhibition in Tromsø in 2008, Hilde has held several separate and group exhibitions. Her watercolours have been very well received by galleries and audiences all over the country. She has been referred to as "an ambassador for the arctic light".

"The majestic mountains, small houses in the countryside and the characteristics of northern Norway fascinate me. I find inspiration in the interaction between human and nature, in the changing weather, the light, the blue twilight of the polar night and in the wonderful midnight sun. Through my watercolours, I feel that I can give all of this an expression and I want to create a feeling, an atmosphere, recognition or wonder. I hope that I can express what is distinctive for northern Norway through my paintings. So maybe someone will understand why we live up here".

Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold


International recognition

Hilde is an interesting name on the international arena as well. In 2012 she represented the Nordic Watercolour Society at ECWS’s (European Confederation of Watercolour Societies) festival in Genova. She was also juried by the International Watercolor Society in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 


"Hilde's watercolours are much sought-after , and it's easy to understand why so many people are mesmerized by the light of her landscapes. She has an extraordinary ability to express herself accurately through her watercolours and to express the true fascination she herself must find in her native landscape".

Dagfinn Bakke,
Gallery Dagfinn Bakke, Svolvær

"With small abstract measures, Hilde takes us quite close to reality. She makes us see the light and reflections of nature in an intense way. Hilde Sletvold masters watercolours in the most elegant manner".  

                              Elenor Martinsen,
Gallery Hole Artcenter, Oslo

"In all the years I have taught watercolour painting, once in a while I come across someone who really stands out. One such person is Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold. She has a great talent for watercolours and as an educator".

Torgeir Scjølberg,
highly recognized Norwegian watercolour artist and important mentor for Hilde


Education and experience

Here you will find Hilde's complete CV