Watercolour artist Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold has been interviewed by the media on several occasions. Here are some newspaper articles (Norwegian only).  


Friday 12 September 2008: Sletvold - separately (PDF)

Tuesday 24 March 2009: Watertight from Tromsø (PDF) 

Friday 26 June 2009: Art success (PDF) 

Wednesday 4 May 2011: Inspired by Kristian's look (PDF) 

Thursday 17 November 2011: Exhibits watercolours at Christmas exhibition (PDF)

Friday 23 March 2012: Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold presents the nature of northern Norway abroad (PDF) 

Friday 30 July 2012: Tromsø artist displayed at prestigious exhibition: - A great honor (PDF)

Saturday 8 September 2012: Tromsø artist Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold takes northern Norway to Italy (PDF)

Thursday 18 tober 2012: Hilde Eilertsen Sletvold visits her hometown Harstad with art in her luggage (PDF) 

Thursday 5 September 2013: Fresh breath from the north (PDF)


Wednesday 24 November 2010: Record audience (PDF)

Wednesday 4 May 2011: Hangs himself on the wall (PDF)

Monday 21 November 2011: In distinguished company (PDF) 

Thursday 3 May 2012: An earnest of art to come (PDF)

Wednesday 4 September 2013: Hilde paints the near things (PDF)

Harstad Tidende 

Tuesday 22 July 2008: Debut as watercolour artist (PDF)

Monday 3 November 2008: Wants to create joy (PDF)

Thursday 19 March 2009: To Trøndelag with watercolours (PDF)

Thursday 18 June 2009: Home with watercolours (PDF)

Friday 29 January 2010: Painted gifts for Arctic Frontiers (PDF)

Saturday 27 February 2010: Goes for waterclolours (PDF)

Tuesday 3 August 2010: Heimly and Sletvold at summer exhibition (PDF)

Thursday 24 November 2011: Fine company (PDF)

Friday 25 November 2011: The biggest Christmas exhibition of all time (PDF) 

Wednesday 6. juni 2012: Exhibition rush for Sletvold (PDF)

Saturday 20 October 2012: Returns home in awe (PDF)

Avisa Nordland

Thursday 5 Ma2011: Torgeir Schjølberg's student (PDF)


Friday 1 June 2012: Clears the entire gallery for watercolour artist (PDF)